R-3D-2 FAQs

The number of images depends of your reconstruction and the quality of the images. The best option for a normal reconstruction and good images is 4; and for a reconstruccion a little more coarse you need 3 for a min. number of images. and for a reconstruccion with a lot of images and good details you need 5 for a min. number of images option.

  • 1. Open your aplicacion R-3D-2 and go to the editing menu.
  • 2. In a browser open r-3d-2.com and download this PDF template and Print it!.
  • 3. Select the calibrate option in your app to open your camera.
  • 4. With your template placed on a flat surface, tap the screen anywhere when the pattern has been found and take at least 25 images
  • 5. Your Camera is calibrated!

  • 1. Typing “chrome://flags/” or “about://flags/” in the Omnibox (address/search bar).
  • 2. Once there we move to find GPU Accelerated Compositing and click on "Enable " to activate it , like GPU Accelerated Canvas 2D.
  • 3. After you press the “Enable” button, you will be presented with a “Relaunch Now” button that will save your changes and restart Chrome with your changes in place.
  • 1. Typing “about:config” in the Omnibox (address/search bar) and accepts the warnin message.
  • 2. Using the filter box search webgl.force-enabled.
  • 3. Double click in the box for change the value to true.
  • 4. Restart Firefox.

What platforms does the OpenSceneGraph support?
Microsoft Windows (2000, XP, Vista), GNU/Linux and MacOS/X are currently the best supported ones. Your mileage may vary on Solaris, IRIX, ...
What renderers (OpenGL, DirectX, ...) does the OpenSceneGraph support?
OpenSceneGraph only supports rendering through OpenGL. In fact, a lot of the classes in the library are merely object-oriented versions of OpenGL concepts.


MASKING : to detect the object of the image

RETURN COLOR : to recover lost pixels

CROP : to make a mask to the image

Nota : to perform the "MASKING" or "CROP" or "RETURN COLOR" functions, you have to paint a rectangle on top of the image where you want the function to work so that what is left outside the rectangle will automatically remain black and the inside of the box will be where the image will be processed.


Comes any type of filter for your imagen




Find Edges






To GrayScale : This function converts the image to a grayscale

Umbral :

RGB : This function changes the dynamic range of the image

CONTRASTE : This function is used to change the light of the image

THRESHOLD : Make direnters types of thresholding RESET

CLEAN IMAGE : This function is used to clean if we draw something on top of the image

RESET IMAGE : This function is used to resarch the image without modifications


Save Image


ROTATE : Rotar Imagen

ADD BORDER : Add Border to the image

MIRROR : It serves to rotate the image

INVERT : To Have Inverted Pixels

EQUALIZE : Have better pixel color



New : New project

Import : import an object

Export Object : save the object Modific

Export Scene : save the scene

Export GLTF : save the object with format .GLTF

Export OBJ : save the object with format .OBJ

Export STL : save the object with format .STL


Undo : Delete the last change made

Redo :reverses the effects of the Undo command

Clear History : clean History

Clone : Clone all on of scene

Delete : delete selected item


Plane : Add an Object Plane

Box : Add an Object Box

Circle : Add an Object Circle

Cylinder : Add an Object Cylinder

PLAY: execute your object